We Love Fashion, But Does the Fashion Industry Love Us Back?


Tall girls stand out wherever we go whether we want to or not. We try to blend in, but we’re still seen. People can’t help commenting on the obvious — we’re tall. There’s no hiding our long legs, long feet, and long hands. So why fight it? It’s time to embrace our “long assets” by adorning them with fabulous fashion.

I’m starting this blog to share my experiences as a tall woman who loves fashion but also feels the fashion world doesn’t quite love us back and to help send a message to the fashion industry that we’re another forgotten demographic.

And yes, when you think of the fashion industry, you think of the beautiful models that are considered tall, but they usually average around 5’9”. They’re maybe lucky enough to get a designer’s garment they’ve modeled in from a shoot, runway show or to attend a high-profile event. But I bet if you asked a professional model, they too have trouble finding clothes off the rack.

Tall girls can’t just walk into a retail clothing store and find something to wear, let alone feel like there are enough online selections. A handful of tall women’s clothing lines isn’t enough. It’s something but not enough to satisfy our needs. The options are a barren land to be quite frank. I want some more choices! I want designers to clamor for our business!

Ok, I get it, I’m a 6’2” woman with above average body measurements: size 14 shoe, 37″ inseam and 28″ arm length. So, I’m not a typical customer to accommodate and I understand not all companies can be everything to everyone. But dang it, I love clothing too. Tall gals want to not only be noticed for our height but for our impeccable, stylish, well-fitted, quality clothing that are on trend. No more boring old lame a** attire for us.

In the past, I can admit to wearing high-watered denim jeans in my teens and “long” sleeve shirts that hit the 3/4 quarter length on my arms when they’re supposed to fall at my wrist bones. I wore men’s running shoes that were too wide for my feet, but I needed the length. I’ve also hung onto looks far too long because I didn’t have anything to switch to. I dare say I still wore stirrups in 1994. That was too far into the nineties to be considered remotely cool. The expiration date of putting on stirrup leggings was well past its prime. But I sported them anyway because those cotton pants mostly worked. After seeing myself model them on the front page of my college dorm room publication, I finally had to let those bad boys go.

I do have a wonderful mom, who helped me during my struggling teen years out of several embarrassments. She recently reminded me how I would come to her and sadly recount to her how my peers were making fun of what I wore. To hear her retell that story brought back hurt feelings. Sigh, that was tough to hear, but as an adult, I have a better perspective than as a teen. And as a young person, I do recall my mom’s sweet and caring advice to try to not let it bother me.

Prom Picture
My senior off the shoulder prom dress.

She did hire a seasoned seamstress to make my purple off the shoulder senior prom dress, a white debutante ball gown, and a couple of printed rayon jumpsuits. Side note: I want to give a special shout-out to all the moms, aunts, and grandmothers, etc. who either sewed clothing or found someone to sew clothes when we needed them.

And now as a consumer, I get frustrated with trying to buy trendy athletic clothing, and I don’t understand the logic of why tall women are left entirely out. So, why can’t I get women’s basketball shoes in size 14? I don’t even play basketball, but I’d certainly settle for something cool looking in my size. But I have no luck finding anything. I mean there’s plenty of us tall girls who had some athletic background yet we can’t look the way we want to.

Over the years, I’ve come to love being a 6’2″ tall woman. I’ve been tall all my life. Starting in grade school, I knew my placement in school photos was in the very back row. I was okay with that. I accepted my role among my average height peers. Yes, I’ve had many awkward moments, and I hated standing out. It’s when I reflect on some of those embarrassing times that I realized it’s often related to my clothes being too short, ill-fitted and uncool. I don’t want that to be the narrative for anyone else like me.

Ok, ok, my rant is over for now, but my tall people’s grievances will pop up from time-to-time. I have a hunch that I’m not alone and that you will understand the need for me to vent on more than one occasion. But overall, this blog will keep things positive and move forward. I’m sure you all have some version of trying to “make it work,” rising above it or just giving up on fashion. I’m here to help alleviate your frustrations, provide some great resources and share style tips.


Hopefully, you’ll take this journey with me, and we all come out with a better wardrobe.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! I’m working away on content for this site. Please visit again soon.

Being tall is an advantage, especially in business. People will always remember you. And if you’re in a crowd, you’ll always have some clean air to breathe.

— Julia Child


Dress designed by Shireen Wright. Model is 5′ 11″.